Special Services

If you are interested in any of these special services, please let us know:

Secure digital storage of copies of your important financial documents – We are happy to scan and upload to your online account digital copies of your important financial documents, such as your wills, trusts, tax returns, and insurance policies.

Account aggregation – This service allows you to view all of your financial information—including accounts held elsewhere—in one convenient location. These accounts can include banking, credit cards, investments, mortgages, insurance, and loan accounts. Nightly data feeds keep all the information current, allowing you an up-to-date complete picture of your entire financial portfolio. Taking advantage of this capability will also allow your financial advisor to serve you better as a more informed financial consultant.

Shredding service – Many of our clients have piles, even boxes, of very old financial documents containing sensitive information that they no longer want. We can help! Just bring in your documents and put them in our locked shredding bin. We have contracted with a very reputable secure shredding service that will shred and safely dispose of your unwanted documents.

Notary service – We offer free notary service to all clients.