Overall, we strive to manage our client's financial well-being so that you may feel comfortable and have peace of mind.

Core Values 

The core value we have as a firm is that we cherish each of our clients and treat their wealth as if it were our own. Our strong relationships with clients last for decades and often times include multiple generations. We get to know each of our clients and understand their financial situation and what they value and wish for.


Each client is unique. Their financial strategy, therefore, must be customized to fit their individual circumstances. Jed, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, after holding several preliminary meetings with new clients, does a thorough analysis, paying close attention to both the client’s current financial objectives and their future needs and wants. At this time, and throughout the relationship, Jed likes to coordinate planning with the client's tax preparer and estate planning attorney. The final step in this process is to prepare a comprehensive report for the client.

Investment Management

Portfolio management at Liebert Investment Management can be characterized as seeking conservative to moderate constant growth and income. Financial assets are invested in a diversified way to limit risk on the downside and allow for moderate growth on the upside, striving to allow the client financial confidence and not taking unnecessary risks. An important aspect of our portfolio management and our financial planning is our constant awareness and analysis of tax consequences. To allow for changing market conditions, portfolios are regularly monitored, and we are always analyzing each part of a portfolio to see if the individual parts still are the best vehicles to try to achieve the client’s overall financial goals. We review portfolios and financial plans with clients throughout the year to keep them informed and for us to be up to date on our client's financial situation.


Liebert Investment Management is a local, independent, wealth management firm. Unlike large Wall Street firm representatives who may have sales quotas or are encouraged to use certain products, we are free to choose from the vast array of investment vehicles available in the marketplace that are best suited for a client's portfolio objective.


Economic, market, and investment product research are an essential part of what we do, and Jed spends many hours each day researching. We are also very fortunate to have an incredible resource in Commonwealth Financial Network®, our broker/dealer. We leverage its award-winning Research team, investment consultants, and insurance consultants. Also important to the practice is our continual research on planning issues. Jed, being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, is very helpful in this regard, but also important is the support we receive from the Advanced Planning team at Commonwealth, who are a great resource for advanced estate and tax-planning issues.